Yu-Ting Liu

Freelance Creative Consultant

Yu-Ting Liu

Freelance Creative Consultant

Part of many worlds and cultures

12+ years of professional experience in communication, media and lifestyle industries.

While sitting in boardrooms consulting Chiefs and directors, I kept an ear on the streets and remain active in various fields of culture and media. As a freelancer I am working independently for creative agencies, brands and start ups combining expertise, experience and cultural understanding.

I am always excited to engage in new creative fields, where I can fully rely on my intuition and gut feeling.
When it comes to working in corporate environments, I can hold on to my expertise I have gained over the years racing up the corporate ladder.

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Being myself

in every room

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family has brought me to many places:

As a household of three in a foreign country, there aren’t many people to rely on, while hustling through everyday life. Most of my free time during kindergarten and elementary school, I was part of my parents business schedule and accompanied them to places and meetings none of my classmates from back then would. 

Instead of spending time in my children’s room, I was crushing Gameboy high scores during my Mum’s business meetings, skipping school because of international trade fairs or sitting at client dinners with Ronaldinho or the Backstreet Boys next to the table in different parts of Europe.
Weirdly enough, with the age of 3, I knew more German words than my parents ever would and had to handle most of the private biz’ as the spokesperson of our Family Liu.

The contrast of being accepted as a little kid with big eyes and buck teeth in situations where humanity is usually non priority and at the same time being overwhelmed with simultaneous translation as a little one - made me comfortable in every work related situation today.

It has taught me that humanity, openness and hustle will always been seen and accepted in every room and any situation. It has allowed me to share my perspective, knowledge and suggestion in rooms and to people who have valued me after. It has allowed me to earn paper with being who I am.

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Career Milestones:

Event & PR & Social Media


Digital Consultant


Social Media Lead


Head of (Digital) Marketing


Freelance Creative Consultant
'20 - Today

Books and Papers

 …talking about papers: Germany is really not making it easy for immigrants to integrate into society.
Although I have been living in Germany since 1992 and became German citizen in ’09, I still have to apply for Taiwanese documents on a regular basis for personal affairs. Kinda crazy - don't you agree?!

Don’t you worry though, I am legit from head to toe.
In case you wanna check yo self:

In Germany?
Yeah Ma, they've heard of me...

In 2018 I was invited to tell my story at TedX Mauerpark in Berlin. (Thank you Nana Addison for having me!)
It happened at a time where I started to feel the desire to dig deeper into my personal story, to find my perspective on cultural identity and living between cultures. The fuzziness in my talk and also the sound quality of the video was the beginning of the journey which ended up here at THE TING.