When kings and queens come together,
great things happen:


Take a peek at some of the latest happenings at THE TING. Here you can find projects, selected work and other meeting outcomes. The best things have happened when I collaborated with strong partners and everyone brought their uniqueness to the table. This is my creative palace courtyard:

Wai Tai Kong 89.4

Yo yo hold up! Before you continue...

To fully catch the vibe, turn on the tunes which have accompanied me along this journey of envisioning THE TING. Each song is handpicked like the ‘tapes from back then - I’m sure you boomers remember how to squeeze a movie into 74 minute CDs. The experience is going to hit different.
Play the soundtrack on Spotify:

Nike x A.P.C. Paris

The concept of this project explores the idea of destroying old boundaries such as team structure, creative disciplines, gender, collaboration format and cultural limitations.


Concept Development & Project Ownership

My biggest corporate success of 2020: I had the honor to work on BUTTER’s client brief: „Make a second TikTok campaign for KFC, which is at least as successful as the first TikTok Campaign. ;)“ The result: We hit (One Billion!!!) campaign views within the first 4 weeks. Read more about it here on the leading German advertising news sites:

Finding Zen in the Noise

The concept of this project was framed after finalizing the center piece object.

While sharing intermediate results of my corporate design process, the homie Carlos (Industrial Mechanic) was testing new approaches of his craft himself…

Corporate Design w./ Dominik Krüger

Together with Dominik Krüger (Art Director), we created the corporate design for Taiwanese professional diver Yu Lin Chang’s distribution company: Diving International Ltd.

Content Creation w./ Ronaldo Kanga

Following up on the collaboration with Just Dance for their #JustSweatChallenge on TikTok, Ronaldo was booked to create various content formats for Just Dance’s own TikTok channel at the beginning of 2021.


My Playstation ID

Where else to hang right now?!

Since the pandemic, most of my free time which I would’ve usually spend in restaurants, bars or elsewhere with friends, I hang with my boys on the pad. Check out the games we play: If you cool - feel free to join the crew for some casual evenings and night seshs. We are a non competitive crew of friends and friends of friends. If you don’t have elite skins though, get outta there…See you on the other team!


Concept & Headline

My 2 cents to kickstart the podcast series for BUTTER’S client:
ACV (Automobil-Club-Verkehr).

My YouTube food series

While everybody made their banana bread at the beginning of the pandemic, I created a YouTube series trying to find a vehicle for my passion to cook for others. Thank you babe for filming and supporting this project…

Consulting & Management

Working with a childhood friend, where both of us brought their ammo and skills to the table: At the beginning of 2020, Ronaldo hit me up to get some advice on his more or less over night TikTok success. I believe that everybody should do what they do best: