The Y

Finding Zen in the Noise

The concept of this project was framed after finalizing the center piece object.

While sharing intermediate results of my corporate design process, the homie Carlos (Industrial Mechanic) was testing new approaches of his craft for himself…

Carlos took the „Y“ of my logo, which is obviously replacing the trademark logo, and turned it into a massive steel object (4,5 kg - Ø 140mm). The focus was on creating a flawless surface quality: Using CAD/CAM software and CNC lathe machines, he tested the creation of digital twins, code translation and milling.

The whole process happened during my concept development phase for this website, where I constantly felt the need of hiding from outside influences in order to focus on myself. The heaviness of this Y object symbolizes the pressure to do it right, authentic and in the most honest way.  The Japanese Zen setting comes from my ever interest and influence of Japanese culture. Believe me, I have slept on many tatami mats in my childhood…

Making of documentary:


Vol. 1 Drums Please
(The Soundtrack)

Track 8

Young G's - Diddy feat. The Notorious B.I.G., Jay Z