Destroy the Destroyer

Nike x A.P.C. Paris

The concept of this project explores the idea of destroying old boundaries such as team structure, creative disciplines, gender, collaboration format and cultural limitations.

Melting the legendary Nike Destroyer jacket, a symbol of team representation and personal history with a high quality, but vintage raw denim A.P.C. jacket:

Both favs from the personal archive combined into one updated piece, symbolizing an ever evolving progress of reshaping and reframing.

The project was a collaboration between me and Anne Marie Morscheck (Fashion Designer).

I came up with the jackets, concept, moodboards and execution ideas - Anne Marie took over with her cut & sew expertise and crafts*womanship. Along the way we bounced ideas and solutions back and forth, which led up to this final fashion piece after 1 month of creative collaboration.

A contemporary jacket with replaced and extended functions creating new meaning for today.

Vol. 1 Drums Please
(The Soundtrack)

Track 18

U don't know - Jay Z


The following content has been produced by female creative, dancer and model:
Lailaavm (@lailaavm). (German / Chinese)

Vol. 1.5. B-Sides
(The Soundtrack)

Track 2

L'ammoniaque - PNL