Thank you, thank
you, thank you, you’re far too kind!

Walk with me...

As this is the most personal project I have ever done, I want to take my time and give a special shoutout to people who have made me and my life this exciting place I want to share and let other people into.

Vol. 1.5. B-Sides
(The Soundtrack)

Track 1

A Song for You - Donny Hathaway

Family always first

First and foremost, I would like to thank my parents for bringing me on this exciting journey called life.
Because of the cultural clash growing up as a „Ching Chang Chong“ in Germany, I have been on this constant journey of finding my own identity and cultural roots - which has lead to this wonderful world of diverse influences and contrasts.

Shoutout also to the Chinese masters, who told my parents that „Ting“ is a good middle name for me - yeah knew it all huh???

Next, I am thanking you Liebling for every one of your most beautiful smiles. You make everyday of my life the brightest. Without you, I wouldn‘t have the strength and believe to work and create a life like this. Thank you for being my brighter half. You make my world shine - I can't wait to spend my life with you! 

The Ting Network

To the people who’ve helped me launching ting:
Each one of you was so important to put all this together.
THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! You all have inspired me to create and tell my story:

Thank you to all the clients who have already believed in THE TING. Man, we have created some crazy s*** already!!! Can‘t wait for more to come!!!!
Thank you Mkblv, 666Wizard, Eve in Paradise, Laura for TesTING.
Thank you Huy for passing down the iced out chain to the younger brother...more on this below.
Biggest respects to Dominik -’s ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!!!

Rakhim brother, you are a LEGEND!!!! - omfg!!! We made a movie!!!
Ronaldo - Keep on dancing - I take care of  the rest. Just Dance Smatsch!!! ;)

Carlos! Lemon not peach - Sand not salt...u definetly need to chill my man.
Shoutout to Anne-Marie for bringing me back to experimenting with fashion.
911-Kristof - Thanks!
Laila, thank you for being borderless! Big things to come!
Tina, thank you for allowing me to tell TheDorf what's really good.
Jules, without you being on the same path, it would only be half as fun and lonely af. You inspire to hustle for the good - AY!

Big Brothers and Sisters

Seriously, I‘m taking my time now...
As I want to take my time to thank each one for every gem, key and chain they have passed over to me. After 12 years of being in this game, there are quite some people on the list...

Biene - you remember us showing those weirdo people from Neuss how cool and meaningful life can be? Look at us now - can't believe where life has taken us!!! 
Thank you Elcin for putting the kid on every guestlist of the city. You taught the kid from Derikum how to move between 1AM-7AM.

BBC - Snipes Family (Sven, Felipe, Hoang,...) You guys were my first crew to rock with. That's how a part-time job can help so many immigrant kids have a save space to find a second family.
The complete dancing scene around Creative Circle (Hamdi - FLS) and Tanzhaus (Takao - Dance Unity): you guys have dedicated your lifes to youth culture. We all thank you for the platforms you have created for all the kids to shine.
Thank you Sato for Early Bird BBB-AAA. You came to be the big brother. You believed in the youngin’ eaaarly. I appreciate that!!!
Thank you Alex for opening the world of agencies to me - you were the kickstart to a lot of things and more importantly, you and your family showed me how sophisticated living looks like. Thank you for being so generous of opening your doors to a young kid.
Benji: I will never forget the support of my first client! Monkey‘s is the best international concept Düsseldorf has ever seen. PERIOD. Proud to be part of this history and to meet so many people like Sekulla, Claus, Penzhorn, Darius between east, west, south and all the other islands.
Janosch, you have introduced me to everything fashion between Berlin and Greece. EVERYTHING. I hope you are doing fine now. I owe you every couch to crash. Good times…
Hannibal, the legend on the streets and outer space in Wai Tai Kong: 外太空. A Creathief living high life on low budget. Shoutout FFM!
Andre - MEISTER!!! I actually still don‘t really understand why you did it. But believe me, it was one of the most important steps in my career.
Caroline R.I.P. Without you, I wouldn‘t understand how to feel belonged in Germany. Through art you have given me hope and belief that it‘s okay to be different at a place where i feel home.
René - 1/2 Twin Half Amazing! From B3 to C&A. Let’s play for the big rings!
Mrs Ziegler, I still haven‘t worked in a bluechip company to learn from the best yet - but I have worked with them! You know what? I think I can do better ;)
Thank you Peter for showing me that you sometimes don't have to explain anything if you are doing the right thing.
David: honestly? I think you are the best sparring partner I’ve ever worked with. We have taught ourselves some crazy stuff, and impressed some big bawses.
Huy man...You have always been the coolest Asian mof***** I have looked up to in the city. From that to a Sensei, to a brother. You deserve the universe and a whole new world! You gave me the first business card I was really proud of. Thank you!
And to the entire Gooqx family. You guys are special and the times we had will forever be kept in the best momories! Love y'all!
Nana, thank you for offering the most incredible stage to this college dropout fool. Who thought we would've made it this far Sis?!
Tim&Saskia, the finest finance dudes around. Thank you for letting me into pandora’s box!
Toan, thank you for introducing me to the elite weapon skins. You made me champions league ready!!!
Oli and Phillip. Yoda and the Master Yedi. There is endless to learn from you both. Thank you for bringing the kid back to the game. 

Last but not least, thank you to each and every childhood friend, family and enemy for making my life growing up in Germany such a unique one to look back to.

Life is prescious and I am grateful for everything.

See you back at THE TING soon.