How can I help you?

If you still don't know what this is, it goes a little some’ like this:

THE TING delivers first class consulting and creative services at every scale.
All resources can be managed and provided either by the client or met through my creative network.

1. Brand consulting
Brand architecture, cultural positioning, communication strategy (digital, social, retail)

2. Creative consulting
Creative direction, concept development, campaign creation, digital and non digital product creation

3. Brand activation & storytelling
Content driven activation and storytelling through all media and touchpoints.

4. All things social content
Content strategy, photography & film & animation creation, (publishing, advertising, community management)*

*managed directly through close partners

Special Services

Chef's favorite

My journey was too long to not tell you the truth.
At THE TING: honesty, realness and authenticity are regarded as the highest values, which enables outstanding special services:

1. Executive realtalk

1 on 1 format deepdiving into brand, product and cultural painpoints for C-level or management executives.
The goal is to find out what everyone else is too scared to tell you.

2. Project ownership

Full responsibility of budget, client consulting, strategy, creative development and KPIs. Executed with highest degree of quality and full transparency at every stage of project.

3. Interims Team-Lead

Building/scaling/leading creative, brand and communication teams as an interim solution.

4. Media & Speaker

Bookings and inquiries via

5. Artist management

Management and consulting of artists with focus on advertising and collaboration opportunities.

6. Each one teach one

Every student or youngin‘ who needs help, please reach out! It‘s hard enough out here. Let‘s connect and figure things out together..


Who we play with:

Advertising/creative agencies
“Lifestyle” brands
Cultural institutions
Business/Product owners
All creatives